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Manitoba Roadracing Association (MRA) schedule of events and how to register

Tips for your first track day weekend

Your first track day will be a very exciting experience. It may be intimidating at first but hopefully the following tips will help you get organized and put your mind at ease.

  1. Register online prior to the event: Online registration not only provides you a discount on your track day fees but it reduces the rush once you arrive at the track. With online registration, all you have to do is sign a waiver once you arrive at the track.

  2. Prep your bike: Much of the track day bike preparation can be performed at the track (ie. removing mirrors and taping lights) but giving your motorcycle a proper once-over prior to the weekend ensures that your motorcycle is in good operating condition for the event.

  3. Arrive to the track early: Arriving at the track for 7:30-8:00am will provide you time to tape headlights and remove mirrors, if you haven't already done so. It also allows you to register, sign your waiver and have your bike inspected without the need to rush. *Registration can be found at the large building with the red roof.

  4. Bring the proper supplies: Hydration is extremely important. Make sure you bring ample fluids and snacks, track riding is mentally and physically exhausting.

  5. Ask questions: You will be introduced to your riding instructor after the riders meeting. He/she is there to help and so is every other rider at the track. Don't be afraid to ask people questions!

Registration and Rider Meeting Concession Stand

Registration and Rider Meeting Concession Stand



In Person

If you choose to register in person, make your way to the large registration building with the red roof. Cash and credit card payments are accepted at the track.


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