Motorcycle Preparation

Manitoba Roadracing Association (MRA) Track day motorcycle preparation

***Non OEM oil filters have been banned. Motorcycles are to be fitted with their original equipment manufacturers oil filters.***

General Preparation

While fluids may be your bike's best friend, they are everyone's worst nightmare if they get on the track. At a minimum you must check that the oil drain plug, oil filter, and oil filler cap are tight, and that all cooling system, hoses, clamps, and pumps are tight and in good condition. 

What to remove

There are a few basic items that must be removed from your motorcycle prior to participating in a trackday. If you plan on riding your motorcycle to the track, these tasks can easily be performed at the track prior to the event.

  • You must remove or completely tape mirrors. We want you watching what's in front of you, not worrying about what's behind you.

  • License Plate

What to tape 

Lights are taped in order to reduce distractions on the track. We want riders to use their own brake markers, not reacting to someone’s brake light. Painters tape is recommended as it doesn't leave any residue on your motorcycle.

  • Headlight

  • Turn signals

  • Tail lights

  • Mirrors (if not already removed)

• Your tires must be in good condition with plenty of tread left, no flat spots, no cracks, no cord showing. 
• Set tire pressure. Tire pressures used in track riding are much lower than pressures for street riding. Check with your tire dealer to determine what pressure they recommend for your tires when used at the track.