Manitoba Roadracing Association trackdays offer riders a safe environment to experience the thrills of riding on a closed circuit road race course. Trackdays are fun and affordable and we offer a clear path from first time rider to becoming a licensed racer.

Our Novice group ranges from novice street riders and first time track riders to moderately experienced track riders. Our skilled instructors will lead and instruct riders in order to develop essential street and track riding skills. After several novice track days most riders can confidently advance from the novice group and being riding in the advanced group.

Our Advanced group is for advanced track day riders which can range from the faster track day riders to former racers. The advanced group is no longer lead by our instructors and riders are generally more comfortable with passing. This group is intended for experienced riders.

Being a racing organization we love to race and develop new racers. Our Sporstman class is designed for track day riders who want to give it a try in a low pressure environment. Sportsman is purely for fun, there are no points or championships.

Getting Started

Riders must at least 16 years of age, in good physical condition and must be able to comfortably operate a motorcycle.

Riding Gear

Proper gear can go a long ways in the event of an accident. We don't expect anyone to be crashing on a trackday but it does happen. We require the following:

  • Full face helmet meeting the following helmet standards:
    • Europe - ECE 22-05 (P, NP or J)
    • Great Britain - BS 6658 Grade A
    • Japan - JIS T 8133 : 2007
    • North America - Snell M2010
    • Scorpion ECE 750 Series
  • Leather gloves
  • Motorcycle boots that fully cover the ankle
  • 1 piece or 2 piece leather suit. Two piece suits MUST have a full circumference zipper. (Aero-stitch, Cordura and Nylon suits are also acceptable) but leather is preferred.
  • We strongly recommend wearing a suit that contains a back protector.
IMG_4270 copy.jpg
Students studying their previous track session as part of the Chris Peris Riding School

Students studying their previous track session as part of the Chris Peris Riding School

Motorcycle Preparation

We reserve the right to refuse any motorcycle we deem not fit for our events.

While fluids may be your bike's best friend, they are everyone's worst nightmare if they get on the track. At a minimum you must check that the oil drain plug, oil filter, and oil filler cap are tight, and that all cooling system, hoses, clamps, and pumps are tight and in good condition. 

• Your motorcycle must be clean with no dripping or leaking fluids. 
• You must remove or completely tape mirrors. We want you watching what's in front of you, not worrying about what's behind you. 
• You must completely tape over your headlight. 
• You must tape over or remove your turn signals. 
• Your tail light must be disconnected and completely taped or removed. We want you using your own brake markers, not reacting to someone’s brake light. 
• Make sure all nuts and bolts are tight and secure. 
• Your tires must be in good condition with plenty of tread left, no flat spots, no cracks, no cord showing. 
• Set tire pressure. Tire pressures used in track riding are much lower than pressures for street riding. Check with your tire dealer to determine what pressure they recommend for your tires when used at the track. 
• Chain is in good condition, lubed, and of proper tension. 
• The throttle must be self-closing. 
• Front brakes must be in good working order with at least 50% of life left on the pads. 
• Wheel weights must be taped. Use duct tape on these. 
• License Plate removed. This is a flat piece of metal with sharp edges, and that’s a bad thing at the track. Here's a hint about taping: Tape does not stick very well to a surface that has been waxed or polished. Before applying tape, use a cleaner that will remove all polish from the surface. Use the blue painter's masking tape you can buy from most home improvement stores such as Home Depot. We have found that this tape is much easier to remove than some duct tapes


  • Saturday Trackdays $160 (early bird registration price $145) - This includes 6 trackday sessions and a mock race at the end of the day (both Novice and Advanced trackday rider groups). Please see the event schedule for further information.
  • Sunday Trackdays $95 (early bird registration price $85) - This includes 5 trackday sessions.
  • Sunday Sportsman Races $70 (early bird registration price $65) - Trackday riders will have the opportunity to race in 2 Sporstman races on Sunday's, these races are for trackday riders only.
  • Track Improvement fee $25 - Paid by all riders once per track event.


Pre event registration is available online by following the instructions in the link below. Riders may also register the morning of the event, please see the events page for event day schedules.

Thank you to our Corporate Sponsors